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Ladiha's Bjelkier kennel - FCI 5120

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email: milanladiha@gmail.com


Dositejeva street 98

21400 Backa Palanka



Who we are and our goals

We are Jelena, Sara and Milan. We live in Serbia in town called Backa Palanka. We have small samoyed kennel, registered at the FCI, under the number 5120. Our kennel name is "Ladiha's Bjelkier" We are breeding samoyeds since 2005. and have had dozen litters so far. In 2016. we have registered our kennel under AKC with prefix "Across the Pond."  In 2019. we are getting our first Lagotto Romagnolo female called Brownie. We really liked the breed and decided to have one for fun and possible for shows. Most of the puppies are abroad. Our breeding philosophy is to breed healthy, good character and good temperament, socialized and peaceful dogs. We plan all our litters systematically, with the same goal. Our "eternal goal" is to breed a "perfect" dog trough breeding and selection. Therefore, we raise quality of dogs in our kennel and in our country to. For us, our dogs are equal as any other family member.

We also have Pet transport company registered in Florida USA. Delivered dogs and cats in 40 states.

We operate mostly between Europe and USA

Check our Facebook page and see why are we also favorite  in Pet Shipping service