Samoyed females

Ladiha's Bjelkier Enigma - Ivy

Ivy is daughter of our breeding male Ladiha's Bjelkier Byfrost and our female Darshini Adorable Smile aka Mara. She was born on August 14th 2019.

We kept her in our kennel as we made that breeding with plan to combine 2 specific bloodlines and we hope that we made big step in quality in our kennel and country. She is medium energy girl, active, cuddly and adorable. She likes to play and run and she adores toys. We are very happy with her structure, substance and movement.

Ladiha's Bjelkier Enigma
F: Ladiha's Bjelkier Byfrost
M: Darshini Adorable Smile

Birthdate: 14.08.2019.
Health results: to young
Show results: VP, JCAC,JBOB

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Radost Zhizni Never Ending Storry to Ladiha's Bjelkier - Katya

Katya came to us from "Radost Zhizni" kennel from Russia with 7 months of age. She is very sweet and adorable female. Very gentle and cuddly all the time. Temperament is to wish for, and we really hope that we will establish her temperament in our lines. No need to say that we enjoy with her every day since she came to our family

Radost Zhizni Never Ending Storry to Ladiha's Bjelkier
F: Ocean Twilight Yoshi & Us
M: Radost Zhizni Polyarnaya Burya

Birthd date 28.11. 2018.
Health results HD-A, ED-0, eyes clear
Show results JCAC, JCH RUS, Jclub CH CH RKF

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Darshini Adorable Smile - Mara

Mara came to us from Samoyed kennel "Adorable Smile" from Serbia

She was 8 months old and was addition to our kennel, when we were deciding either we will continue to breed this breed or we will keep few dogs as pets. Since we had many Years behind us with this breed, we have decided to keep going and we took her as addition in our breeding program. She has excellent pedigree and we hope she will give us puppies that will favor her lineage

Darshini Adorable Smile

F: Samspring Deep Impact

M: Magic Baby

Birth date 12.12.2015.

Health results HD-B, ED-0, eyes clear

Show results CAC CACIB BOB, AKC class winner


Anatina Taste of Spring - Missy

Missy was born on 23.03.2011. She arrived in our home on 16.06.2011. from the famous Samoyed kennel "Anatina" from Slovenia. Her pedigree name is Anatina Taste of Spring. Missy is very nice dog, great temper and she has a very strong character. She's brave, persistent, a bit stubborn, peaceful and very cheerful. She fits very nice in our family.
We are very happy to have her with us

SER INT CH Anatina Taste of Spring
F: EUCH '10. Arctic Aivik Canadian Vidnavska Zare
M: INT CH SLO Anatina Wendy of Voyage

Birth date: 23.03.2011.
Health results: Hips HD-A , eyes clear
Show results: CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, INT CH