Our litters and puppies

At Ladiha's Bjelkier  kennel, there is a never-ending demand for puppies. This is why we continue to strive towards ensuring no one misses out the opportunity to own these remarkable creatures. Since demand is high, it is recommendable for interested buyers to fill out the questionnaire   below

Please inquire for the total cost of Samoyed or Lagotto puppy. The following are for deposit amounts only!!!

How this works is that you have to deposit a non-refundable 500 EUR  (same amount in USD for USA and Canada) for a  puppy.

This helps us know you are seriously interested in buying the puppy and we shall provide it for you within the shortest time possible.

Deposits can be sent via  PayPal, Bank wire Money Transfer (through online banking) or sent bank check in our Bank of Tampa in USA

Please ask us for our bank account information in order to place non-refundable puppy deposit.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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L A G O T T O   R O M A G N O L O 

On January 15th we got litter of 3 wonderful boys, all brown. Parents of the litter are Sergio and Ladiha's Bjelkier Bogota

Ladiha's Bjelkier Bogota

Sire: Laki King of the Truffles

Dam: Brownie Labando

JE - carrier

LSD - clear

Furnishing - FF




Eyes clear

CH Sergio Forest Hunting 

Sire: Bruno Del Monte Della Dea

Dam: Muffin

JE - clear

LSD - clear

Furnishing - FF


eyes clear


(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Cesar 

Now live in Los Angeles, USA

(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Ciceron - available 

(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Claudius 

Now live in Connecticut, USA  

S A M O Y E D S 


"G" litter
Puppies born on November 27th 2021. out of combination of RUS JCH Radost Zhizni Neverending Stroy to Ladiha's Bjelkier and CH SRB Chuck Luxury of Siberiansunny 

Ladiha's Bjelkier Griffin

Now live in Utah, USA 

Ladiha's Bjelkier Guess

Now live in Minnesotta, USA 

Ladiha's Bjelkier Gatsby 

Now live in New Jersey, USA 

Ladihas Bjelkier Graham at White Siberiansuny "Onyegin"

Now live in Kiskunlachaza, Hungary 

Ladiha's Bjelkier Gold

Now live in Dover, UK

Ladihas Bjelkier Givenchy

Now live in Malta

Ladiha's Bjelkier Goddiva at Adorable Smile

Now live in Serbia

Ladiha's Bjelkier Gucci

Now live in Linz, Austria 


"F" litter
Puppies born on July 21st 2020. out of combination of RUS JCH Radost Zhizni Neverending Stroy to Ladiha's Bjelkier and JCH SRB I'l be Everything for You Adorable Smile 

(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Frankfurt

Now live in Switzerland 

(m) Ladiha's Bjlkier Flint

Now live in London, UK

(f) Ladiha's Bjelkier Florence

(f) Ladiha's Bjelkier Fukushima 

Now live in Germany 



"B" litter
Puppies born on August 14th 2019. out of combination of Brownie labando  and  Lucky King of the Truffles

Ladiha's Bjelkier Barcelona now live in Ohio, USA

Ladiha's Bjelkier Bogota (f) stays with us 

Ladiha's Bjelkier Bratislava (f) 

Ladiha's Bjelkier Budapest (f)  

Now live in New York, USA

Ladiha's Bjelkier Beijing (m)  remains in Serbia

Ladiha's Bjelkier Belgrade (m) now live in Connecticut, USA 

Ladiha's Bjelkier Berlin (m) 

Now live in Perto Rico

Ladiha's Bjelkier Brussels (m) 

Now live in Texas, USA  



"E" litter
Puppies born on August 14th 2019. out of combination of Ladiha's Bjelkier Byfrost and Darshini Adorable Smile

male: Ladiha's Bjelkier Esteemed Lex Lutor
went  to California, USA
female Ladiha's Bjelkier Elevated Utah
went to Florida USA
male: Ladiha's Bjelkier Evergreen Washington
went to Florida USA

male: Ladiha's Bjelkier Eternal Flame
went  to Florida, USA

female: Ladiha's Bjelkier Enigma
stays in our kennel :)


Lagotto Romagnolo

"A" litter
Our first litter of Lagotto Romagnolo. They are very similar to Portuguese water dog, but smaller and their basic instinct is to search truffles. They come in many combination of colors and we have 2 boys and 1 girl for sale. Parents are fully tested and negative on all hereditary deceases. We give health guarantee on the puppies. 
(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Anubis
(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Arcadian


"D" litter, 

Puppies born on December 9.2016. out combination of  INT SER CH Anatina Taste of Spring &  BISS Multi CH INT CH Belluchi Royal Snow Winter Frost


(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Dracarys 

(f) Ladiha's Bjelkier Duchess

(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Dollar 

(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Dologon Buza

(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Duke

(f) Ladiha's Bjelkier Don't Think Twice aka Mia

"C" litter

Puppies born on 08.09.2015. out combination of JCH Ladiha' Bjelkier Army Man and  CH Ladiha's Bjelkier Eowyn of Rohan

(f) Ladiha's Bjelkier Crveni Mesec
(f) Ladiha's Bjelkier Cinamon Flavor

(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Cosmopolitan
(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Cool Dancer
(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Clairwoyant
(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Cowboy
(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Catch my Paws
(m) Ladiha's Bjelkier Centurion


"B" litter

Puppies born on 24.12.2014. out combination of INT CH Roy di Casa Kaly and INT CH Anatina Taste of Spring

Ladiha's Bjelkier Blue Sky -Sky 

went to his new owner Chilla Halasz in Hungary

Ladiha's Bjelkier Blazing Glory aka Yuki, went to his new owner Catalina Anghel in Romania

Ladiha's Bjelkier Byfrost - aka Frosty went to his new owner Ildiko Soos in Hungary

Ladiha's Bjelkier Blizzard - aka Baly went to his new owner Ivana Kluková in Czech Republic

Ladiha's Bjelkier Big Bang aka Grom

Went to his new owner  Edit Kovács in Hungary


"A" litter
Puppies born on 04.12.2013. out combination of CH Samspring Deep Impact and SER CH INT Anatina Taste of Spring
Ladiha's Bjelkier Army Man - Arty-

Our boy
Co-owned with White Sapphire samoyeds, Florida, USA

Ladiha's Bjelkier As Cool As I Am - Freya-

Freya went to her new owner Loretta Forti in Italy

Ladiha's Bjelkier Addicted to Love - Elly-

Elly went to her new owner Torben Keute in Germany
Ladiha's Bjelkier Aurora Borealis - Nuumi-

Nuumi went to her new owners Urska Vadnjal and Uros Kozina in Slovenia
Ladiha`s Bjelkier Army Man - Arty
On his first show training